Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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Since its establishment, Qide has taken practical action, shouldered the mission and bravely assumed the responsibility. While pursuing enterprise development, it takes giving back to the society as the bounden responsibility and responsibility of the company, and spared no effort to make its due contribution to the country and society!

In 2006, the president class of Tsinghua University organized a large-scale public welfare activity of "one blue sky, one sunshine". Guitou town of Ruyuan suffered from flood disaster. He led the Pearl River Delta Friendship Association to donate money, materials and love.

2009 - under the leadership and initiative of Jianghai district government, we helped poor families to rebuild dilapidated houses.

2010 - jointly with overseas chamber of Commerce to make charity activities for overseas hospitals.

2013 - participated in the charity activities of overseas charities.

2015 - organize and advocate the overseas chamber of Commerce to build Xingnan primary school to solve the problem of children's schooling for migrant workers.

2016 - organize the company to participate in welfare home consolation activities. Support the development of youth baseball in Zhongshan and sponsor baseball activities in the hope that they can get better exercise.

... (some examples of Qide's performance of social responsibility)

1. Donation for public welfare

Since May 2018, the company has formed a school enterprise alliance with Jiangmen southeast school to reward excellent students, subsidize poor families, and reward excellent teachers in the front line of education.

"Ten years of trees, a hundred years of people" Rao encouraged students to cherish the hard won learning opportunities, strive to learn new knowledge, master new skills, and be determined to become the builders and successors of the socialist cause in the new era with genuine talent, both political integrity and ability.

"Being grateful and doing things with love" has always been the core cultural concept of Qide. Rao stressed that in the future, Qide will spare no effort to help national education and care about the future development of the motherland with practical actions!

2. Epidemic prevention

In 2020, an extraordinary year, the whole country will fight the epidemic with one heart and one mind. In the face of the epidemic, Qide will keep watch and help each other. At the critical moment of the anti epidemic, the severe situation of prevention and control and the lack of medical materials always affect the hearts of Qide people. The chairman is in the early stage of the epidemic.

On January 9, 2020, in addition to pledging 366600 yuan to the Red Cross Society, they donated money again in Jiangmen and Zhongshan, where the company is located, to support epidemic prevention.

When the chairman learned that there was a COVID-19 in Jianghai District of Jiangmen, the Jianghai District People's hospital was designated as the New Coronavirus medical institution in the district. When the hospital was seriously deficient in medical protective supplies, it immediately decided to donate 300 thousand of the charity to the Jianghai District in 2019. Of these, 150 thousand of the people's Hospital of Jianghai district was directed against COVID-19.

Under the leadership of the chairman, in addition to the previous donations to help the front line, the company actively advocated internal staff donations, which received a positive response from Qide people. One light and one heat. Qide people raised a total of more than 30000 yuan for the purchase of epidemic prevention materials by Jianghai District charity. Meanwhile, Dongsheng Red Cross Society donated 26000 yuan for the purchase of epidemic prevention materials.

In response to the appeal and call of national and local governments for epidemic prevention and control, the company not only launched its own staff to donate money to help fight the epidemic, but also launched all staff with years of experience in the functional polymer modified composite industry and existing relevant production and manufacturing equipment, Resolutely put into the production of protective and anti epidemic products.

The virus is ruthless, and Kidd has love

3. Respecting the elderly

Rao Dong said that people will grow old one day. Respecting, respecting, loving and filial piety are always the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. We must inherit them well! We should do our best to bring warmth to the elderly.

Every year, the company will visit the orphaned and widowed elderly and bring them care and greetings. Today's society is aging, and many orphaned and widowed elderly live in nursing homes without family company. Once they were young and energetic, dedicated their youth and contribution to society in their ordinary posts, and shed the sweat of struggle. Now their temples are gray and they are old. They need the care of enthusiastic people from the government and all sectors of society to make them rely on, rely on and enjoy their old age! We have the opportunity to visit these old people, send love to them, talk with them and do what we can. Let these old people feel the care and love from the society.

Respecting, respecting, loving and helping the elderly

Kidd has been doing it!

4. Help fire safety

Everyone is responsible for fire safety

Supporting fire protection is not only the responsibility of the government, but also a cause in which the whole society should participate. When the company knew that the current operation of Dongsheng fire fighting vehicles was worrying, which affected the development of rescue work and the safety of commanders and soldiers. The company immediately donated 566000 to purchase new rescue vehicles and equipment to better meet the current fire fighting and emergency rescue needs of Dongsheng town.

The chairman said that the development of the enterprise is inseparable from a good business environment and the full support of the government, as well as the efforts of fire officers and soldiers fighting in the front line and various functional departments. While developing, the enterprise should also bear corresponding social responsibilities. It is our social responsibility and obligation to timely respond to the call of the government, participate in public welfare undertakings, help the construction of fire rescue system and do something real for the fire brigade.

5. Boost the development of sports

Dongsheng is an important town of office furniture, the hometown of crisp meat Anhui, and China Zhongshan International Baseball town. In recent years, the leisure sports industry in Dongsheng town has developed rapidly, and the construction of International Baseball town has made breakthrough progress. In order to help promote the development of Dongsheng baseball sports, the company donated 200000 yuan to the Baseball Association for the development of baseball sports.

The chairman said: it is a great honor to participate in promoting the development of Dongsheng baseball sports and help Dongsheng baseball go to the world on behalf of China; In the future, we will continue to support the great sports development of Dongsheng International Baseball town. It is our responsibility to support the development of sports.

6. Help Jianghai charity

The ancients said, "goodness is like water and virtue carries things". It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to help the poor and uphold morality and goodness.

In 2021, the "Guangdong poverty alleviation day" was fully launched, with the active participation of Qide, who pledged 300000 love donations on site.


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